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Switchboard Upgrade

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Professional electrical switchboard upgrade

Older buildings and homes that have fuse type switchboards pose a much higher risk of electrical fires occurring and offer very limited protection against the risk of possible electric shocks. All modern switchboard installations should have mandatory safety switches installed, under Queensland law.

All Purpose Trade Solutions experienced electricians can carry out switchboard upgrades in your Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast home or business.

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Do you need a switchboard update?

This is dependent entirely on what type of switchboard you have. Fuse type switchboards were the average switchboard installed in older houses. These older styles of switchboards are becoming a huge fire risk as the average house electrical consumption was a lot less than what it is now. With the introduction of air conditioners, TVs, computers, and other modern appliances in your home you may be using a lot more power than what your switchboard can handle.

These older switchboards are often not fitted with safety switches either, which can be dangerous in the case of an electrical fault.

Upgrade from incoming mains power

Incoming mains are the cables that run from the point of entry to your house to the switchboard.

  • Old houses usually have 6 mm incoming mains (rated to approx. 40amps).
  • Medium size new houses have 10 mm incoming mains (rated to approx. 63amps).
  • Larger houses have 16 mm incoming mains {rated to approx. 80amps).

Why choose All Purpose Trade Solutions?

At All Purpose Trade Solutions we base our business on customer satisfaction, repeat clients and referrals. That's why we take our customer service so seriously. Our Service Guarantee is put in place to give you, the customer, the peace of mind to know that you are always going to be looked after.

All Purpose Trade Solutions service guarantee

  • If for some reason we could not answer your call at that time, please leave a short message and your call will be returned in less than 30 minutes.
  • Our electricians love to be on time.
  • The electrical safety of your home is our top priority.
  • We will only use high-quality components and products to ensure our customers get a long-lasting solution.
  • Our electricians clean up after every job and always leave your home the same way we found it, if not better.
  • All Purpose Trade Solutionsian's electrical work complies with all relevant state, industry and Australian standards.
  • Plus our work is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Your local electrical specialists

All Purpose Trade Solutions offer professional surge protection for your home and business throughout Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast. Give our team a call at 07 3133 1681 or complete our online electrician booking form.

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