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Professional, safe house rewire

The electricians at All Purpose Trade Solutions understand that the thought of needing to rewire your home could be quite daunting, so we’ll ensure to walk you through what needs to be done, step by step, and make sure you are with us all the way. Ageing, worn, faulty, or overheating electrical wiring poses a very real fire and electrical accident threat to those living or working in your building. Contact our team today for a complete safety check and rewiring plan of your home or business.

Need to upgrade your electrical wiring?

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Signs your home needs rewiring?

There are many reasons why your home would require rewiring. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Age: Wiring insulation degrades over time so if your home is more than 50 years old the chances of wire degrading are high.
  • Tripping: If the safety switches trip for what appears to be no reason. This could be due to the need for new wiring.
  • Rodents: Rodents will eat anything including the insulation that surrounds the wires in your house. This then exposes the raw wire to the elements and can become a bigger problem later on.
  • Smell: If you can smell something burning inside your home but cannot find the source of the smell this could be your wires singeing behind the walls.

Electrical wiring arcs/sparks

If you turn on a switch and see a blue flash or hear a hissing, crackling or popping noise this normally comes from the wires arcing. Arcing occurs when a loose or corroded connection makes irregular contact and causes sparking or arcing between the connections. This can then turn into heat and can be the trigger for an electrical fire.

Benefits of home rewiring

Knowing that you are protecting your family from the potential of electrical fires and electrical shocks.

Did you know: In some instances having your home re-wired can reduce insurance premiums.

How much does home rewiring cost?

Once you contact us we will organise for an All Purpose Trade Solutions expert to come to your home and inspect your current wiring. We will then be able to advise you on whether your home needs a partial rewire or a full rewire. Determining the cost of rewiring a house is dependent upon several factors, the main being:

  • Premise size
  • Number of power points and switches
  • The current layout of electrical circuits

Smart reasons to choose our electricians

At All Purpose Trade Solutions, we base our business on customer satisfaction, repeat clients and referrals. That's why we take our customer service so seriously. Our service guarantee is put in place to give you, the customer, the peace of mind to know that you are always going to be looked after.

Our service guarantee entails:

  • We will answer your calls. If for some reason we could not answer your call at that time, please leave a short message and your call will be returned in less than 30 minutes.
  • We will be on time. We always try our hardest to make it to every appointment on time, however, it is the nature of this industry for plenty of surprises to pop up, so if we ever are late, we will take $50 off the quoted price of the job.
  • The electrical safety of your home is always going to be of paramount importance. Every job we do, big or small, includes a complimentary visual safety inspection, to make sure you and your family are safe.
  • We will only use quality products. All the products that we supply will be of the highest quality and be backed by a 12-month warranty.
  • We will clean up after every job and always leave your home the same way we found it, if not better.
  • The Electrical work we do complies with all Australian standards and we undertake all mandatory testing requirements on every job where it is necessary. With all of our work comes a limited lifetime warranty.

Your local house rewiring specialists

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