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Fujitsu Air Conditioning Installation

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Looking to install a Fujitsu air conditioner?

Discuss your requirements for a Fujitsu air conditioner system with the experienced team at All Purpose Trade Solutions today. We can help you with the supply and installation of your new Fujitsu split system unit or Fujitsu ducted air con system.

At All Purpose Trade Solutions, our HVAC technicians are highly qualified, licensed with ARC and specialists in installing Fujitsu air conditioners. Whether you are looking for an aircon system for residential or commercial needs, we can help with reliable and professional installation. Get in contact today to get great deals on your new Fujitsu air conditioning system today.


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Fujitsu split system air conditioning installation

Split system air conditioners are sleek, versatile and straightforward to install. They are the perfect climate control solution for year-round comfort in a huge range of applications. Whether you need to cool a single room or cool and heat multiple rooms, Fujitsu has you covered with a range of split system units.

Choosing a split system can be daunting as you need to consider many variables like the size of the room, position, and so much more. Our air conditioning technicians can take your confusion away and recommend a unit suitable for your home taking into account the minor details. Once you are happy with the model, we can supply and install your new aircon. Whether you need a cool-only model or a reverse cycle split AC, get in contact and we would be happy to help.

Benefits of choosing Fujitsu split system aircon

Fujitsu aircon boasts power-packed features like human sensor control, high indoor air quality, energy efficiency and low running costs. Some of the benefits of choosing Fujitsu air conditioners include:

  • Highly energy efficient with some models having a 5-star energy rating
  • Intelligent human sensor control to detect human movement and deliver efficient control
  • Sleek and modern design that can blend into any design
  • Simple controllers to get the most out of the aircon with the touch of a button
  • Clean and purified air so you breathe fresh air in your home
  • Suitable for small to large-sized rooms with a capacity of 2.5kW to 9.4kW
Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner

Fujitsu ducted air conditioning installation

All Purpose provides top quality ducted air conditioning installation for homes and businesses in Brisbane. Fujitsu’s ducted air con uses a single system concealed in the ceiling making it extremely discreet, quiet, energy efficient and easy to cool, or heat, multiple rooms separately using the zone control.

With a wide selection of Fujitsu ducted options available, from basic to bespoke models tailored to almost any budget or building requirement, we can help you keep cool no matter what the Queensland heat throws at you!

Benefits of choosing Fujitsu ducted aircon

  • 5 years parts and labour warranty
  • Voted Australia’s most trusted air conditioning brand
  • Smart zoning control for up to 8 zones
  • Blue Fin treatment of heat exchanger to prevent corrosion
  • Weekly timers to set temperature for 2 times spans on each day of the week
  • Clever filtration system to remove pollen and dust
  • A percentage of Fujitsu air conditioning sales goes to Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation
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Your local Fujitsu air conditioning supply and installers

To book the installation of a Fujitsu split system or ducted air conditioner, get in contact with us at 1300 370 455 or complete our online air conditioner installation quote request form today.

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