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How does a ducted air conditioning system work

Introduction to ducted air conditioning

There is no doubt about the feeling of relief you get when you walk into a beautifully air-conditioned room on a hot summer's day. We know how good it feels but never really think about what type of air conditioner is actually providing us with the delightful cool air.  However, when you are in the market for a new air conditioner, you need to ask yourself which AC unit will best suit your home, household, and budget. Regardless of whether you are upgrading your current air conditioner or installing one in your new home or business, it's natural to wonder which air conditioner style to install. There are a few aspects that will impact your choice and one of those to consider is your climate zone. Let's consider a region like Queensland, where the climate demands relief from heat and humidity. In this climate air conditioning becomes a necessity and ducted AC might just be the perfect choice due to its versatile climate control capacity.

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Let's look at ducted air conditioning!

This type of AC system emerges as an excellent choice, as it allows precise control over indoor temperatures through customizable 'zones,' enabling you to direct heating or cooling where it's needed most. It is also referred to as central air conditioning. With its ingenious design, it can distribute conditioned air to different areas through strategically installed vents in either ceilings or walls. Ducted AC is an ideal choice for larger residential homes, commercial buildings, offices, and other spaces that require centralized and consistent indoor climate control. With ducted AC you will eliminate uncomfortable hot or cold spots in your desired spaces and enjoy even temperature 24/7.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

A ducted air conditioner works by circulating cooled or heated air through a system of ducts, which are connected to vents in various rooms. The air is conditioned in a central unit and then distributed through the ducts to the desired rooms, where it is expelled through the vents to regulate the temperature. The central unit also includes a fan to circulate the air, a refrigerant to cool or heat the air, and an evaporator coil to transfer the heat from the air. It features both a compressor unit located outside as well as fan coil units installed in ceiling voids with ducted pipes throughout your property allowing you to have cooler or warmer temperatures to only the areas where it is needed. The system operates quietly indoors so that you can stay comfortable without noise disturbance. Modern ducted aircon systems use advanced inverter technology which helps to keep energy costs down.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning offers a wide range of benefits. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Highly inconspicuous due to discreet installation within your roof.
  • Enables zoning for precise area-specific control.
  • Promotes cost savings with the enhanced energy efficiency of ducted systems.
  • Operates with remarkable quietness.
  • Enhances property resale value.

Disadvantages of ducted air conditioning

Unless your ducted AC system is equipped with zone control, you'll end up paying the cost of cooling the entire house even if you only want to cool a single room. The purchase and installation of such systems can be more expensive. It may not be suitable for all home designs as it requires a ceiling void to accommodate the indoor unit.

Ducted air conditioner brands

Australia boasts a wide selection of air conditioning manufacturers offering ducted aircon systems, providing homeowners and businesses an abundance of choices. To help you determine the best system for your specific situation consider consulting with your local air conditioner technicians who can offer valuable recommendations.

Leading AC brands include:

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