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Pros & cons of split system air conditioning

Choosing a climate control system for your home or business means weighing up the pros and cons of all options. For instance, you might consider alternatives such as ducted air conditioning, ceiling fans, split system air conditioning, and evaporative cooling systems to cool or heat your building, house, or apartment. Many factors will help determine which option is right for your climate control requirements including whether it’s a new build or a retrofit, your budget, building type, local climate, and if heating and cooling are needed or just one or the other.

Split System Air Conditioner


One option which presents a very versatile climate control solution is split system air conditioning. A split system air conditioner can be utilised almost anywhere, from a large home to a small apartment, with the small indoor unit only needing a small wall, floor, or ceiling space and the outdoor unit being ground or wall mountable.

We’ve put together some pros and cons of split system air conditioning to help you decide on the most effective heating and/or cooling system for you.

Pros of split system air conditioning

  • Available in cool only or reverse cycle models.
  • A HUGE range is available with a selection of sizes, colours, and designs.
  • Quiet operation - most noise generated is by the outside unit - some models specialise in ultra-quiet operation making them ideal for sleeping areas or work zones.
  • Sophisticated filtration systems can catch fine particles such as dust, mould spores, and other allergens.
  • A dehumidifier setting can reduce the humidity in a room.
  • Energy-efficient - some models score up to a 7-star energy rating.
  • Cheap to run - the cost to cool a medium-sized room is around 25c to 35c per hour.
  • Multi-split system models allow you to cool or heat multiple rooms (up to 6) from one outdoor unit, with individual control for each indoor unit.
  • No ducting is required.
  • Fast cooling or heating
  • Cost-effective to install

Cons of split system air conditioning

  • The outdoor compressor can be noisy - especially if not maintained correctly
  • Space needed for the outdoor unit - not suitable for some homes with limited balcony or yard space.
  • Installation costs can increase if the indoor and outdoor units can’t be placed in close proximity.
  • Only circulate the air inside the room - no fresh air
  • Requires a licenced professional to install and are hardwired via a dedicated circuit to your home electrical system.
  • Can be too noisy for light sleepers.

After thoroughly researching the climate control options available to you we recommend seeking the expert advice of an air conditioning professional who will be able to guide you through the best options for your home or business. They’ll be able to provide you with recommendations for your building design, heating and cooling needs, and budget restrictions.


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