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Common Air Conditioner Problems

Like all electric appliances, air conditioners require regular maintenance to remain reliable. They are definitely a necessity in the hot Brisbane summers. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner helps to keep it in good condition but what should you do if you're already having issues? Read on to learn more about some common air conditioner problems.

3 common problems with air conditioners

  • Your air conditioner is not cooling properly
  • You can hear a strange noise coming from the air conditioner
  • Aircon won't turn on

Possible reasons why your air conditioner is not working properly

Dirty Filter

Having a dirty or clogged filter can be one of the most common reasons affecting the performance of your air conditioner. It can lead to restricted air flow and freezing of the refrigerant coil, decreasing the efficiency of the air conditioner. Check the filter and ensure you can see through it and it is free of dirt and dust. If you haven’t cleaned it recently, clean it and if needed, replace the filter.

The thermostat was not set up correctly

The thermostat regulates the temperature of your air conditioning system. Over time it might develop dirt and it wouldn’t detect the correct temperature of the room. If it is an old thermostat, you can clean it by removing the cover and cleaning it with a damp cloth. Thermostats are usually easy to repair if that is the problem. It can also be recalibrated to fix the issue, i.e, the sensor may have shifted from its place and would need to be adjusted by an air conditioner technician.

Note: Ensure that the thermostat is placed away from sunlight so it can detect the correct temperature. Also, the thermostat controller should be set to cool.

Leakage in the refrigerant

The function of refrigerants is to absorb heat and provide cooling (or the other way round in winter). Leaks could arise if the installation wasn’t done properly and it was undercharged. Licenced refrigeration and air conditioner repair technicians can fix the gas leaks, charge, and test the air conditioning system.

An incorrect level of refrigerant could also lead to the accumulation of ice on the coils, reducing the effectiveness of the unit. If you can see ice behind the filter, it could be an indicator of low refrigerant. Ice accumulation can also be caused by damaged ducts, evaporator coils, or air filters.

The compressor not working properly

The compressor works in combination with the refrigerant and evaporator coils. If the refrigerant is low, it might cause the compressor to become hot and if it is running too high, the compressor can fail as well.

Easy steps for air conditioner maintenance

  • Ensure you clean the filters regularly.
  • Clean the outdoor unit regularly and ensure it is free of leaves and dirt.
  • Get your air conditioning unit checked annually by a licenced technician

How to fix the air conditioner?

While some problems might be easy to fix, such as a filter clean, it is best to contact a licenced aircon technician. They have the skills and knowledge to fix your ac unit and your warranty and home insurance will be protected. Moreover, DIY can do more harm than good!

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