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Who Do I Call to Fix My Electric Hot Water Heater?

So, you get home and your trusty electric hot water system just isn’t working like it should…. And it is a major inconvenience. All you wanted was a nice hot shower after a long day and it is about the last thing your hot water unit is capable of doing. Before you start getting more than a little angry with the scenario, take a read of the below and, if it isn’t something that can be addressed by yourself, we can help you figure out who the best person is to call!

Hot Water Tap

Troubleshooting electric hot water heater issues

It can make a frustrating situation even more annoying if you call a plumber instead of an electrician, and vica versa… but how do you know which one to call? We have set out some issues that can commonly arise and can be addressed by either a plumber or an electrician, however this list isn’t exhaustive so give your local professional a call if you need some more assistance.

Telephone Call

Remember, it is a whole lot easier to know if a problem is a plumbing issue, as opposed to an electrical one, so it may be best (and safest) to give your local professional a call to see if they can give you some guidance. If in doubt, make sure you ask - it is likely the best way to shield yourself from any possible danger, so don’t be afraid to give them a call.

What should you check before calling a professional?

Prior to making a call, there are two things that you can check yourself to see if it is an easy, self-done fix :

  • Has your circuit breaker tripped? If it has, try and turn it back on (if it is safe to do so) and see if it remains on. If it does, hopefully your hot water system will be back up and running again
  • If your circuit breaker seems ok, check you hot water heaters’ pressure relief valve. There is a little lever that is visible at the top of the relief valve that tests your system. Try and lift the lever to see if water can flow through the overflow pipe. Sometimes your heater is just a little low and needs a top up, so ensure you keep the valve up until water has flowed into the overflow pipe

So, you’ve tried the above 2 steps and neither of them work - what now?

When is a plumber the best person to call?

You may automatically think that a plumber is the only person to call when your electric hot water system isn’t working like it should, but that isn’t the case. The following are things to consider when looking at if a plumber should be your person to call :

  • Is there leaking water visible?
  • Is the amount of water coming out of the tap less than usual?
  • Is there no water coming out of the tap at all?
  • Can you see rust on the bottom of your hot water system?

If any of the above 4 points are applicable, it is probably best to call a plumber to help you out. Just remember, if there is water somewhere there shouldn’t be, a plumber is probably your best starting point!

When is an electrician the best person to call?

When it comes to electrical problems with your hot water system , they can be a little harder to figure out. If you look at it as simply as possible, if you think there is an electrical component controlling your hot water system that isn’t working, consider calling an electrician. However, if it isn’t that easy (which it isn’t a lot of the time!), there are some other ways you may be able to figure out that an electrician is your needed contact :

  • If you think a fuse has blown
  • If you have attempted to turn your circuit breaker back on but it won’t stay on
  • If your hot water is only lukewarm, this can indicate a thermostat issue

*Tip : If you are replacing your hot water system, or upgrading your system, it is a good idea to get an electrician to check your wiring to ensure it can handle a larger workload. You don’t want to install a new system and find out your wiring can’t withstand the required electricity!

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