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Common Hot Water System Problems

There’s nothing quite like a long hot shower after a long day…. Being engulfed in lovely, hot water is relaxing, cleansing and luxurious, except.. when it’s not. You’re standing there and the hot water turns cold or runs out and the shampoo is clogged in your hair. What do you do now?

Shower Hot Water

All in all, hot water systems generally work wonderfully and you have beautiful hot water whenever you need it. In saying this however, there can be a few problems here and there that may arise and the below are the most common.

You don’t have any hot water

If you don’t have any hot water, there could be a few reasons behind this. Firstly, perhaps there is a sediment or calcium build or rust inside your plumbing somewhere that slows the water flow down? If this isn’t the case, maybe there is a leak? A leak will generally make itself known as there will be puddles of water...somewhere. Then again, sometimes it might be a small drip. Check around the base of the hot water tank to start with and also check out the top. There may be a problem with some of the valves or inlet and outlet pipes.

Hot Water Tap

If you have an electric hot water system, there could be an issue with the circuit breaker so check that first and, if that hasn’t tripped, it might be the heating element. It could also be that the limit or reset switch to the thermostat might be faulty or need resetting, so that is something else to consider.

You don’t have enough hot water

The next common circumstance is that you have hot water, but you simply don’t have enough.This could be due to the temperature dial not being set properly, or it could also be a significant drop in the outside air which means the hot water tank has to work that bit harder to get the hot water delivered to you.

Hot Water Tap

Another thing to ask yourself is, are you using more hot water? Perhaps you are using more water than usual and the storage is not keeping up. Sometimes people install high flowing shower heads or big soaking baths and this can impact on the hot water supply. If this is the case, you may need to consider a bigger tank or look into tankless hot water delivery as an alternative.

Your hot water is too hot

Quite often there is an issue with water either being too hot or too cold. The thermostat may be set too high or not high enough, which can be the reason behind the temperature extremes. If this is the case, it may be a simple matter of checking the temperature dial, as it might just need an adjustment.

Hot Water

Your hot water system is leaking

If your hot water system is leaking, it may be a range of things depending on where it is leaking from and what kind of system you have. If your electric hot water unit is leaking from the top, the hot outlet or cold inlet pipes may be loose or the inlet valve may be leaking. If your gas hot water unit is leaking from the bottom, it may have a leaking or loose drain valve or it may be due to condensation. If you are in any way unsure, it is best to call your local professional to see if they can help.

Leaking Hot Water System

Your hot water system is making strange noises

If your hot water system is making a few noises, that isn’t necessarily an immediate cause for concern. Quite often, noises can be quite harmless like the metal contracting and expanding when heated and cooled. Other noises like popping and hissing might indicate a scale build up or hard water sediment build up in the tank.

If any noise concerns you, then be on the safe side and get it checked out by a professional. At least you will have peace of mind that any potential issue is addressed and attended to.

Your hot water is dirty, rusty or smelly

If your hot water is coming out of the faucet dirty, smelly or rusty, it’s not the best situation to be in. This could be due to a corrosion issue, as sometimes the anode rod or tank itself can corrode in which case they might need to be replaced. Sometimes water can be smelly if there is a build up in bacteria, and, if this is the case, the tank might need to be flushed out or the temperature increased to kill off the bacteria.

Smelly Water

Your hot water system is making a boiling noise

If your hot water heater is making a boiling noise, call a local professional as soon as possible! This noise can indicate overheating or a dangerous pressure build-up in your system, so it is important that you get someone out immediately!

All Purpose Trade Solutions

Overall, hot water systems offer a very reliable method of providing hot water for your home. If an issue does arise, generally they can be solved easily and quickly, whilst others may take more time or even require a tank replacement. If you have any queries, call the experienced team at All Purpose Trade Solutions on 1300 370 455 or complete an online enquiry form today!

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