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What is a safety switch?

Electrical safety is of huge importance when it comes to your home and workplace, with the safety of you and those around you being a top priority. But how do you ensure that you remain safe all year round?

Safety Switch

Enter the use of safety switches . Safety switches are a crucial component to electrical safety across all buildings, no matter their size or type, and play a huge role in ensuring people do not suffer injuries due to electrical currents.

So, what are safety switches and how do they work? We have put together a little bit of information about safety switches for you to read, however if you would like to know a little more (or have some questions) give All Purpose Trade Solutions a call on 1300 370 455 and we would be happy to assist!

What is a safety switch?

A safety switch is a device which is designed to protect humans against electric shock and electrical burns.

How does a safety switch work?

A safety switch is installed on your switchboard and monitors the current flowing through the circuitry. If it detects a fault, it will instantly turn the power off to try and avoid any electrical injuries to humans.

Safety Switch

How does a safety switch differ from a fuse?

A safety switch and a fuse are two different electrical safety devices which protect two different things. A safety switch is designed to protect humans from injury, whereas a fuse (otherwise known as a circuit breaker) is designed to protect appliances and wiring against surge and electrical damage.

Why have safety switches installed?

Because the legislation says so!

No, that's not the only reason you should have safety switches installed. Safety switches are like insurance against injuries caused by electric shock or electrical burns. It is also compulsory to have safety switches if:

  • You are building a new home.
  • You are extending a current home (or have since 2000).
  • A new electrical installation is being added to any home.
  • You are buying a home and it doesn't already have safety switches installed. This must be done within 3 months of settlement.
  • You are a landlord - all your rental properties must have safety switches within 6 months of the tenancy agreement.

Head over to the Workplace Health and Safety website for more in-depth information regarding your legal obligations when it comes to safety switches.

Who can install a safety switch?

An electrical professional ... and only them! Installing safety switches is not a DIY job for your Sunday afternoon - it must be completed by a qualified electrician who has the required knowledge, experience and tools to complete the job properly.

Workplace Health & Safety - Safety Switches

Your knowledgeable safety switch experts

If you have any questions regarding safety switches or electrical safety, or would like to speak to one of our qualified team members regarding electrical safety in your home or workplace, give All Purpose Trade Solutions a call on 1300 370 455 now. We are experts when it comes to all things electrical, so get in contact now!


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