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September 29, 2017

Are ceiling fans energy efficient?

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Summer days, hot nights and the cool breeze generated by the good old ceiling fan. The quintessential summertime essential - the ceiling fan provides a lovely reprieve from the often still, hot air. Ceiling fans can affect the room temperature by several degrees.

With the increase in energy costs, it makes sense to find an energy-efficient solution to cooling and heating our homes. The ceiling fan does a terrific job at moving air around which in summer cools you. However, ceiling fans are not just for summer - they also work well in winter by pushing the warm air down - this makes the room temperature more consistent and again can reduce your heating bill.

How much does a ceiling fan cost to run?

Depending on the type and size of the fan will determine just how much it costs to run. To give you some indication, generally, a fan will use the same power as a 60-watt light globe, this roughly works out to about 3 cents an hour! That is a lot more energy efficient than just running an air conditioner. If you do put your ceiling fan on with the air conditioner you will benefit from significant savings as the ceiling fan circulates the air more effectively.

Other points to consider when choosing a ceiling fan for your home

There are a few things to consider such as positioning, blade size and blade angle to make sure your ceiling fan is working at its optimal best. Also worth thinking about is if you want the option of having a light. This is great in rooms where the lighting is not great. An LED light will further aid the energy efficiency of the fan.

Positioning can be inside or there are outside options available also. Consider where you want the air to flow and where the ceiling fan position will maximise the air circulation within the room.

Blade size depends on the room size and how much you want to cover. There are large blades for big areas ranging down to smaller ones for smaller rooms.

The blade angle should ideally be no less than 12 degrees, otherwise, it is really more of a decoration than a ceiling fan. The whole point of the fan is to circulate the air and if there isn’t a sufficient angle then neither will happen. Another consideration is to take note of whether the blade is angled for summer or winter as this will impact the efficiency of the ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are a very effective and energy-efficient way to keep your home cool or warm and there is something very comforting about the quiet, overhead whir that only a ceiling fan can do.



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